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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Will extensions damage my natural lashes?

There is no damage if applied properly and consideration given to your natural lash thickness and lash health. It is important to use the appropriate thickness and length of extensions to maintain good health of your lashes. When applied properly all lashes are separated and applied one to one (one extension/fan to one natural lash). Each of your lash hairs are on a different growth cycles and it is imperative that every individual lash is able to grow, live, and shed on its own. If extensions are not properly applied they can clump, tug and pull at your natural lashes causing breakage, damage and discomfort.

+ What if I get an allergic reaction to the adhesive?

It is rare, but reactions can occur, typically due to the solvent found in lash adhesive. Once you have an allergic reaction the symptoms will re-appear every time you get your lashes done. We recommend use of a prescription medication from an eye doctor for contact dermatitis the day before, day of, and day after for clients with sensitivities. If the reaction persists, eyelash extensions may not be for you. And thats okay. We can help you with other options to achieve beautiful lashes!

+ How long do extensions last?

Eyelash extensions can last up to 3 - 6 weeks without touchups. Keep in mind the fullness does gradually thin out each week. The growth and shedding cycle of your natural lashes will cause the extensions to fall out gradually. Since your natural lashes are constantly shedding (each lash on its own individual cycle) you will constantly be shedding extensions. On average a person will lose about 2-5 lashes per day, per eye. They can last indefinitely with regular touch ups, recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain fullness.

+ How often will I need touch ups?

Ideally, you should have your eyelash extensions filled every 2-3 weeks, for classic lashes, to maintain fullness. We find that most clients with volume lashes can go 3-4 weeks between fills. Keep in mind, if you wait longer than three weeks, a new full set may be required depending on your retention. Also, for those with a smaller amount of natural lashes, touchups may be required sooner.

+ Can I shower, swim, exercise, tan or sauna?

Yes, your lashes are waterproof and sweat-proof after your application. Prolonged and excessive exposure to heat and water may shorten the life of your extensions, but will not make them all fall off. If you have an active lifestyle you may require touchups more often than others. The key is to keep them clean!

+ Can I wear mascara?

No, we cannot work on lashes that have mascara. If you arrive with mascara still on your lashes, you will be asked to remove it yourself with makeup remover supplied. Keep in mind, if you are unable to remove all mascara and its residue or build-up, it may interfere with the application of new extensions, thus hindering the bond and retention. A new full set may be required.

+ Can I wear eyeliner?

Yes, powder, liquid, or gel is best. Be gentle when removing eyeliner and eye makeup of any kind. We recommend not using waterproof liner.

+ Can I lash tint or perm before eyelash extensions?

It is not necessary since the extensions and adhesive are black, and the extensions are already curled. If tinting or perming is done it must be done at least 24 hours before the full set application and cannot be done again while the extensions are on.

+ Why did I experience more loss this time around?

It is possible that you did not need as many lashes replaced at your last fill appointment, meaning you left with more old extensions that have since shed. This means more will need to be replaced at your next fill. Proper home care is imperative for maintaining healthy extensions and prolonging their wear time.

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