At HD Lash FX we like to keep it simple. We don't count lashes, we lash as many lashes as possible during your scheduled appointment.

     No two clients lashes are alike. Similar styles may look different on different clients. Your retention will depend on your lifestyle and home-care. 


     To make the most out of your fill appointment, you'll want to keep in mind the amount of lashes you've lost since your last appointment. If you choose a fill option thats shorter than what you really need, you may leave with lashes that aren't as full as your original set. Don't worry, we'll help guide you your first time.

     P.S. If you come in for a fill and have less than 25 extensions per eye, or its been more than 3-4 weeks, you may need a new full set. 

*Pricing Subject to change without notice


Mega Volume

Eyelash Extensions

Classic Full Set

Classic Fill

Fill on Outside lashes


Volume Fill

Fill on Outside Lashes

Mega Volume Full Set

Mega Volume Fill

Fill on Outside Lashes 

Cluster Lash Removal

Lash Extension Removal