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Eyelash Extensions


One lash extension is applied per one natural lash. Classic is perfect if you want to replace your mascara and lash curler, while maintaining a more natural look.


This style is a mix of classic and volume lashes. We start with classic to create the shape and fill in with volume fans - small bouquets of lashes made with very fine lash extensions. Hybrid lashes will not only give you length and curl, but also more density and darkness in the lash line.


Volume is created using all handmade fans throughout the lash line. Fans are small bouquets of lashes made with very fine lash extensions. Regular volume sets are created using fans with 3-10 lashes per natural lash. In addition to length and curl, volume sets can achieve more fullness and texture in the lash line. 

Mega Volume

Mega volume is just that, MEGA! Fans of 10-20 lashes are handmade using very thin lash extensions, and then placed on one natural lash. As with all styles, you will achieve length and curl, but Mega Volume is top-of-the line for achieveing darkness, density, and texture.

Classic Full Set - 2-2.5 hours

Classic Fill - 1 hour

Extended Fill - 1.5 hours

Hybrid Full Set - 2-2.5 hours

Hybrid Fill - 1 hour

Extended Fill - 1.5 hours

Volume - 2.5-3 hours

Volume Fill - 1.5 hours

Extended Fill - 2 hours

Mega Volume Full Set - 2.5-3 hours

Mega Volume Fill - 1.5 hours

Extended Fill - 2 hours

We like to keep it simple. No counting lashes here!

We apply as many lashes as we can during your scheduled appointment.

Strip Lash Look

Can be done with Volume & MegaVolume

This style requires more customization due to the intricate nature. Various lengths and precise mapping are used to achieve the dramatic look of strip lashes.

Strip Lash Full Set - 2.5 - 3 hours

Strip Lash Fill - 1.5 - 2 hours

*Strip Lash Fill for existing clients only

Small Strokes


What Clients Are Saying...

I get SOOOOOOO many compliments daily on my lashes! People always tell me that they look so natural and are amazed when I tell them they're lash extensions.​

Maritza M.

Jessica is the only lash specialist I trust with my lashes!  They always look amazing and I love not having to wear makeup.  She goes out of her way to make sure you are comfortable, and makes an effort to keep up with changes in the industry.

Erin S.

​I can't say enough positive things about Jessica! Her work is flawless! I always leave satisfied with big beautiful lashes. I appreciates her patience in explaining how it works, and working so quickly!

Hannah H.

Most perfect eyelash extensions ever!

Hyunji B.

I got so many compliments on my lashes. They lasted about 3 and a half weeks until I needed a standard fill. Went in for my first fill and the service and quality is consistent. I can tell Jessica is very experienced and knows how to work with different types of eyes. I let her choose the length and style and it came out perfect. HD Lash FX is affordable and totally worth it!

Grace P.

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